Let's get real.

We don't want to be another resume dumping ground. Our approach is going to be more editorial, like an interview.

Your portfolio and resume are great, but they don't tell the story of what you want to do next, your passions, and how you can help other people with their projects. 

When someone reads your profile, we want it to feel like they just grabbed a cortado with you and totally get it. 

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If accepted, you get:

Exposure in The Creatives directory
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*After you pay the application fee you will then be sent a link to the application. Please note this link will expire in 24 hours.

but, how does this help you?
here are a few examples.

Asked Questions

How do you get accepted?

When we finish reading your profile, we want to feel like we've just had a 30 minute coffee with you. You want to funnel the right people your way so spend the time to tell us who you are. Our most clicked Creative Profiles are open, honest, serious, fun, and thoughtful. We want to get as many eyeballs on you!

Has anyone been rejected?

We've been really lucky, but no! Perhaps it helps that we have a very targeted vibe going on here or that there's an application fee. If we think something could be clarified with your profile, hakuna matata (it means "no worries"). Our Community Managers will reach out to you. 

What happens when I get accepted?

If your Creative Profile is accepted, we will publish it immediately. So please, take the time to answer the questions on a separate document before submitting them. You will be able to revise your answers as things will change, but the first draft will be published.

What do I do once it's finished?

Once your profile is up, make sure to add a link to your profile on your website and/or anywhere else. Strong back links are great for SEO!

So, how long is this going to take?

We think about an hour, but some of these questions are deep. And, you probably haven't had the time to think about all this stuff. When do you give yourself the time to sit back and think about who you are, why you're special, how you got there, where you want to go, and who you want to meet? What if you gave yourself some ME time and put it out into the world? SEO at its finest! Ha! 

OK, but how long do I have to make one?

You do you. Approach it like you would a face to face.

What if I need to make revisions?

The first application is the most important. So please, take the time to get those ready to be published. We totally understand, that things change and we encourage you to email us if you need to make updates or changes. 

Will I be featured in the newsletter?

Our newsletter prioritizes paid ads. If we have room, we often add a few Creative Profiles, but it's not something we can promise. The real benefit are all the clicks from good SEO. We're a real site, with real views (250K in 2016). A feature is awesome, but it's not long-term. We're in it for the long haul.

Can you submit videos instead?

Yes! And, AWESOME! Grab your camera or iPhone and answer each question. It would be rad if you can upload each answer as a separate video to vimeo, but we're down to host them too. There will be additional instructions in the application.

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