Choosing a Squarespace template is the first step to building your website. We took a stab at breaking down the templates to the most common feature requests. 

Couple of things to consider:

  • You cannot combine templates
  • You can switch templates without committing to one - it's not an easy transition, but possible.
  • All templates are responsive (i.e. mobile friendly)



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♥ = Favorites of the Now


most templates have the same features, they are just styled differently.

Template families

Template Families have different variants offered on the Squarespace website. Variants do not have different features, just fonts, photos, and layout styles to give you some inspiration on how you can transform a template. For example, if you use Brine, it's just like using Pedro. We rarely work with non-Template Families, as they are not as customizable. 

How to pick? We've grouped all the template families together so that you are really only choosing between 9 templates. Stick with our ♥ favorites and you're only choosing between 4 templates! Next, you'll want to look for your deal-breaker features. For example, if you really care about Parallax Scrolling, make sure that the template includes it. If you don't know what those deal-breaker features are, then browse our Feature Groupings section. If you don't have a deal-breaker, totally OK! It might mean you're just super flexible.

See a site, but not sure what template they use? Try this.


01. Brine Family — Most versatile template


02. Tremont Family — Good for portfolios, unique text navigation


03. York Family — good for portfolios and case studies, unique gallery animation


04. Skye Family — Good for Blogs


05. Farro Family — Use skye family, unless you Want customizable nav


06. Aviator Family


07. Montauk Family


08. Pacific Family — Use Brine Family unless you want a fixed nav


09. Bedford Family — use Brine Family unless you want Blog Sidebars.



We only suggest using these if you want a specific look for your homepage. Otherwise, pick a Template Family above. It's more flexible!

feature groupings

choose the right template
based on your dealbreaker feature.

We wanted to simplify the templates by only showing you the ones we think best represents each feature. 
To get a detailed breakdown of all the templates, check out this nifty tool and Squarespace breaks it down here as well.


—Parallax scrolling


—Related Posts +
Load more button


—customizable Grid
(mosaic option included)


—GRID ONLY, no slideshow


—RESPONSIVE Slideshow or grid




—Background ImageS


—Site Background Image


—Fixed Nav



These are not templates. They are awesome sources of inspiration!

To find out which template a website is using, check out this article.


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