Choosing a Squarespace template is the first step to building your website. We took a stab at breaking down the templates to the most common feature requests. 

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choose the right

What's included:

  • Screenshots of the Templates and Links — seriously, who knows them by name?
  • Parent Template Groupings
  • Templates grouped by Most Requested Features
  • Showcase

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vs. Wordpress

"I choose Squarespace.

For the past two years, I've built most of my sites and client's sites on it. Each template has their own limitations, but for me, less is more! Wordpress has so many options, it's hard to make simple decisions. I would rather be racking my brain on other parts of my business or finish House of Cards.

Also, I find that once you bloat Wordpress you have to hire a developer for any little change or are forced to learn html/css. I'm a big believer in giving the client as much control with their website as possible. To think that you can just have the perfect website at the first go is ridic. Which is why I dig Squarespace. Plus, their Customer Service is AMAZING. 

If you decided to go with Squarespace, understand that you can't frankenstein templates. I found it's easier to figure out what your feature dealbreakers are and then move on to harder things like brand identity. Spend that extra money on photographers and writers to create unique content vs. a developer for some flashy animation.

If you're selling over $2000/mo through your online store and it's not digital, I would look into Shopify for more support with analytics, POS, etc. However, keep watching the Squarespace as they consistently upgrade their commerce tools."



Common widget asks
from Wordpress users.

What’s included with Squarespace:

  • SEO

  • Contact Form & Magic Fields

  • MailChimp

  • Display Widgets

  • Google Analytics

  • Mobile

  • Redirects

  • Twitter Feeds

  • Page Ordering

  • Image Resizing

  • ShareThis

  • Editable Buttons

  • Wordpress Blog Importer

What about SEO
on Squarespace?

Note - Updated March, 2015

Yes, Squarespace v5 and under were not SEO friendly, but they've made vast improvements. 

The CEO of, Rand Fishkin, sums it up nicely:

"Hi Virginia - happy to give my $0.02. Basically, on SquareSpace 6 (the active version out now), I think they've done a solid job with SEO features and functionality. I actually consulted a bit (informally - not paid, just helping out because I want folks to provide good SEO, especially popular CMS') with the SquareSpace team, and reviewed some of their implementations. It's good stuff, and SquareSpace is a good company (good customer service, honorable folks, good about refunds, excellent with uptime, etc).

That said, you can certainly get more flexibility by hosting your own system. Wordpress enables a lot of this, especially if you have a good developer making changes to it. Out of the box, SquareSpace is friendlier on many aspects of SEO than Wordpress, but with customizations, the latter can exceed the former.

One last word of advice - be cautious about trusting all the forum chatter, especially the stuff that comes from SquareSpace v6 and earlier (which wasn't very SEO friendly). I don't mean to be a pure advocate/defendent of SquareSpace (and I have no financial or other interest in the company), but do want to be fair to the strides they've made." -

Further, as a technical summary of SEO support on Squarespace: Squarespace Answers

Maximize SEO
on Squarespace by:

  • Adding a site title, site description, and page descriptions to entice searchers to click on your listing.
  • Determine what page title structure makes sense for your content and users.
  • Quality Inbound links. Get inbound links from websites that are similar to yours or contain related content. Encourage other websites to link to your website by creating quality content that their readers will find valuable. 
  • Add Image Alt Text. Use short terms that describe the image and relate to your overall site content.
  • Be social! Currently social sharing won't improve your search ranking (YET), but I've definitely seen it increase traffic to your website... which is what you want right?
  • Hire a creative writer that can think of amazing content that will resonate with your audience be shareable! 

Squarespace Tutorials on how to increase your site visibility to search engines. 

At the end of the day SEO is a content/pr game (aka link building) and requires creativity, hustle, and often, a budget.
— Puno, Founder of ilovecreatives