Instagram Marketing: Online Course

Instagram Marketing: Online Course

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With over 300 million monthly active users on Instagram, your business has the potential to reach, engage, and build a massive community on Instagram.

But where do you start? How do you grow real followers that will actually impact your business goals? We will walk through how to build your Instagram strategy for the next six months. From developing your brand to tracking your growth to hiring freelancers. 


Why this course is different.

Puno has grown @madewithmap to 80,000 followers in one year with no "experience". She did not have the luxury of being featured by instagram and did not buy followers.

She's completely transparent about everything so you can takeaway an actionable strategy. From emails she's written to how she does the "Mine + Grind", think of this class like an in-depth case study of exactly how she grew @madewithmap.

She has taught this course at General Assembly multiple times and it is now available online. Yay!
200 students and counting! :)