Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro
Creator of


Carmen Ruiz de Huidobro

Creator of

Los Angeles, CA

Twitter @mydearespanolita


What do you do?

I am a searcher of Spanishness. I explore and document creators, artists and colorful characters around the world that convey a sense of simplicity and craftsmanship that Espanolita loves. I travel to remote places to find the peace and balance of creative entrepreneurs in their nests and studios, looking for what inspires them.

We love what you’ve done with Espanolita. Give us some examples of how you do your job like a BOSS. 

I am very curious and want to understand creatives through their spaces. When I approach interesting people, they're always willing to let me into their homes and studios. I love seeing what they make and why - and where they make it - I love to see the furniture / objects / books that artists live with. I am still learning photography, but I take all my own pictures... Although, I'm always open to collaborations. 


How do you stand out from other people in your field?

I come from a design background. I worked in art direction for films for almost eight years before opening Espanolita Foods two years ago. I wanted to expand creatively so decided to go for a broader concept of Spanishness, curating artists and travels from my beloved Spain, where I grew up. Everything I do is impregnated with that sense of nostalgia. Memories of rustic places in the Mediterranean, merging craftsmanship and simple art, understanding slow life and inspired living.


If you have multiple jobs and/or skills, which one do you wish you could do more often?

I wish had more time to create beautiful video content. I feel like I'm always catching up, and now with the re-launch of my website, it’s like I am starting a whole new project from the ground up! Also, I would love to do more collaborations while traveling.


What tools do you use on a daily basis?

I just started using Asana for system creation! Its like the to do list out of your brain. I also use Outright for accounting, and Wordpress and SquareSpace for web.


What is frustrating you right now? What is making your job/business/project hard to move forward?

I am managing two projects right now: the last weeks of our home remodel, and my new Españolita endeavour. I also have a three year old and a husband that’s always away, so I do what I can… but I keep the drive, and let it flow.

What are you putting off right now, but you know you have to get to, but you haven’t had the time?

Flower design for The Poppy League, which is my side project. I so enjoy it and I have to get back to doing more ASAP. I also miss creating film stories.

If you could hire someone for $20/hour, what would you have them do to make your day easier?

I wish I could hire some photographers for collaborations - and I think I would pay them more than $20!

If you could talk to an expert to gain more insight on something, what would it be about? 

Photography (Yeah Field Trip), letterpress / stationary, watercolor, and calligraphy classes.

What kind of opportunities/projects are you looking for right now?

Currently I'm searching for creative people that fully express Spanishness one way or another. I am also looking for partnerships. Partners interested in showing their process through my eyes. Museums, hotels, restaurants, business, artists and makers, etc.. I want to explore abandoned houses, gardens, mountains, rivers, farms, and fields, and beyond the sea, so if you know a special place in Spain, I wanna go.

Describe your ideal client/job/collaboration. 

One that allows complete creative freedom. Back to the senses.

Describe a client/job/partner you would rather not have. What are your deal breakers?

Businesses that have dubious ethics. I don’t buy fake characters.

What is your hourly rate, retainer, or salary range?

$400-1000 for business features. TBD for everything else.

How should someone approach you about working with you?

I always prefer to communicate by e-mail, especially when I am dealing with international contacts. I love someone new introducing themselves, and if you're an artist or talent, I love to see pictures and references right away.