Neada Jane, Founder of The Fold Creative

So much to love about I Love Creatives! Such a high calibre of both creatives and creative companies converging in one beautifully designed and easy to navigate online space. As soon as my profile went up, I immediately had new business inquiries hitting my inbox - and I signed my first contract with a new client within a couple of weeks. The emails keep rolling in, and I couldn't be happier with a creative business platform than I am with Puno's amazing feat with

Kajal Dhabalia, Artist

Puno, thank you so much for a wealth of information! As an artist, who has been working on things solo, this is definitely a lot to take in, but so helpful to know that there are so many ways to change and add to my strategy as I grow.

Taryn Weitzman, Chief Inspiration Officer of T's Travel Style

Inspiration + expertise = Puno. Need I say more? No, but I will! Let me fill you in... I had the pleasure of attending GA's Instagram Marketing Workshop facilitated by Puno and it was worth every penny and every moment of time. In the two months since taking the class I was not only able to double my followers, but I increased engagement at least .20%. I not only gained insight with regard to better engaging the community that I needed to be a part of, I also unlocked the mystery and gained clarity - making the process of instagramming so much more fun! If you didn't know, now you know. Check Puno out. She won't disappoint.

Jorge Del Pinal
Alexandra Cadiz, Designer/Podcaster/Writer

I took Puno's advanced Instagram class and damn, it blew my mind. Not only does it give you insight into creating a successful profile and all the benefits Instagram can provide for your brand, but Puno breaks down every single element that goes into it. I'll admit at times I was slightly overwhelmed, but after six hours I came out of the class 100% more informed, more confident in my social media skills and empowered to gain real, authentic followers. Not to mention I met some fantastic people during the class and it was super relaxed and fun. I highly recommend it for anyone serious about using Instagram as a marketing tool for their brand. If you think you already know everything there is to know about Instagram, you don't. This class will teach you so much!

Jorge Del Pinal
Maria Troconis, Founder of Grafikisto

ilovecreatives could also go by creativesloveilovecreatives. I know, I know… I should stick to design and not copywriting. Honestly though, I truly love this site. I posted my profile in late November 2015 and by early December I had already gotten inquiries for potential jobs. By January 2016 I had met new clients and began working with bigger studios and agencies than my own – all of which found me through this site. The cherry on top: all the jobs I’ve gotten through here align with the kind of work I want to be doing. 

I’ve also found creative folks to collaborate and work with. One of them is Ana Ottman. After launching my re-designed website I realized I needed help with getting the copy to be just right. I found Ana on ilovecreatives and have absolutely enjoyed the experience of working with her. So much so that we’ve begun working on other copy related projects. is the site I send my friends and colleagues anytime they need to find someone to hire or get hired. If you’re in a creative field, get your profile up! You won’t regret it.

Jeremy Reed, Head of Tastemaker Development at Tastemade

I've been a huge fan of for awhile. We've posted several ads on the site - everything from full-time roles in our L.A. office to part-time contributors anywhere in the U.S. Each time, I've been impressed with not only the number of applicants - but, more importantly, the quality of those applicants. It's become the first place I turn to fill creative roles for us.

Eunice Cho, Founder & Creative Director of Aella

I love ilovecreatives' Creative Profiles. It’s basically a curated (and vetted) resource for great talent. As a small start-up, I am in constant need to find creative freelancers. Instead of spending hours on going through resumes, LinkedIn, or expensive services like 24/7, I can come to ilovecreatives to find professionals. What’s especially awesome about the profile section is the kind of talent it attracts: people who have a lot of creative integrity and drive to make awesome work they believe in, as opposed to just a source for a quick buck. I’ve found an amazing photographer through this site. Highly recommend!

Sara Clarken, Photographer/Artist

"I have benefited SO much from ilovecreatives!! I've only been in LA for 2 weeks and I have my first freelancing gig over the next 3 days for a clothing company (who reached out to me because they saw my creative profile!). I actually reached out to Wyatt after I read his, and got a lot of insight on LA. Before I even moved here he told me good places to look for apartments, work, galleries, and now I'm actually interning at one of the galleries he told me was one worth looking into! Being apart of ilovecreatives has landed me new clients, new friends, new opportunities, which literally is priceless. That's my two cents!" - Sara Clarken

Jaclyn Giuliano, Owner of Popover

After posting an ad looking for new writers I received such a good response from so many interesting and talented people. When I've reached out for collaborators using other ad outlets I never saw much return on my investment, but with ILOVECREATIVES I've had an amazing experience! I'm definitely planning on using their platform for future ways to connect with creative individuals and businesses.

Maggie Kaplan of Zehner Group

The company I work for is in search of awesome talent for upcoming projects, and I needed to provide a list of top talent in LA to our Creative Director. After my ad was placed I immediately got a dozen or more responses and we're currently choosing our favorite candidate from the group. I Love Creatives was there when I needed it!

Iris Koch, Founder of Hey Iris

I love creatives and I love ILC! After posting an ad, I received emails about my SEO Website Rehab service literally hours later. It was so refreshing to get interest from potential clients so quickly! I also love the ease of creating an ad, incredibly simple! Thanks, Puno & Co. :)

Andrew from Coast To Costa

"After posting an ad, I received multiple emails of interest on my upcoming trip to Tulum that same day! New clients signed up as a result and I made a contact to help me with my graphic design. ILC has been great to work with and network through! I highly recommend them."

Maria DeGuzman

"I have used ILOVECREATIVES to not only search for job opportunities but connect with my community of creatives. Through ILOVECREATIVES, I have a job and an internship doing what I love with people I love- event producing and sales. Community leads to creativity and ILOVECREATIVES is a great platform connecting people and places!"

Toni from TONI

I recently placed an ad and almost immediately received responses. I felt connected instantly to such high quality people that I would not be able to reach on my own. It's really tough to start a business and at times it feels pretty lonely... but to have access to a community of likeminded people to ask for help makes the journey more enjoyable."

Lizzy Okoro, Founder + Editor of BUNCH Magazine

“I have posted two ads with ILOVECREATIVES, and within minutes had responses from readers. The community is engaged, you see the results almost instantly. You don’t see those types of results elsewhere.”