Scaling Retail
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Hourly Consulting. Every hour translates into
three or more hours of homework on your own.

So you've got your products, website, and marketing in place, but you aren't growing. Maybe you're not happy with where you are. Don't you worry, we found the perfect person to help your build your e-commerce and/or wholesale business.


Meet Syama


Syama is the owner of Scaling Retail. Whether you’re coming from eCommerce, brick and mortar, or are just an artist with a fantastic idea, Syama guides you to market understanding, clear pricing strategies and effective growth models.

She's the retail doctor. She'll quickly diagnose, treat, and give you the strategies to point your business in the right direction. She works in a holistic way, promoting partnerships and non-exploited business models. Leveraging a vast network of resources, Syama will give you recommendations for the best PR, social media, lawyers, and venture capitalists firms.


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Working with Syama was eye-opening. She helped me to take a step back and look at my business as a business. We worked on the nuts and bolts of the financials and, in with patient and calm approach, she guided me through what I needed to do each step of the way
— Nicole Giordano, Founder, Startup Fashion
Before I started working with Syama, owning my own fashion retail business was just a dream. Throughout the launch of my company, Syama has been an invaluable mentor and resource. Her vast knowledge of the retail world and consistent support allowed me to set the pieces in motion to turn my career vision into a reality in a matter of months. Organized and efficient, Syama answers any questions I have thoroughly and promptly. I’ve avoided making many mistakes because of the industry strategies she taught me. Syama does what it takes to ensure the success of her clients, and she knows how to make any task fun.
— Laurel Tincher, CEO, Dwimmer

Q&A with
Syama and Puno

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