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Consultations are complimentary. Let's talk and create a plan to make your home and work life so much better.

Time, space and joy. That’s what you have in spades when you live the decluttered life. By removing the things that don’t matter and shedding light (sometimes literally) on the things that do, you recapture these three elements in life. By getting more time, space and joy, you’re empowered to do more of whatever it is you love to do – and getting you that is what we do best.


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Phew- just completed a mammoth move - moving half our things to our place in Seattle and half to a new LA home. We could not have done it without the AMAZING help from the team at Bneato Bar: thank you to Beth, Julia, Janice and, most especially, Monica. You guys were incredible.
— Jacqueline Farrington-Otto
Beth and her team helped me streamline my life. From creative jewelry organization to getting rid of clothes, BNEATO was the best solution for getting my life in order.  In just one day the course of my life changed.  I went from holding on to everything
to opening up myself to new possibilities.  Now, not only is my space organized, but mind is clear to lead the creative life I want to lead.
— Venus T.
Bneato Bar is a lifesaver! I was completely overwhelmed with my email, and I really didn’t think it was possible to get it under control, but Bneato Bar’s email decluttering service showed me a way out. I feel so much better! Now, I have a system to deal with my email, instead of just praying and hoping that I remember everything. I just can’t stop looking at my nice, clean inbox!
— Tracy W.

Bneato Bar’s roots began in 2006, when Founder Beth Penn was managing the front of the house of her local salon and was recognized by an established professional organizer for having a natural inclination to set systems and declutter. Loving the ethos of living a simple life and helping others, Beth founded Bneato.. With Bneato, Beth has helped over a thousand busy individuals, families and companies all over the Los Angeles area.

Wanting to give more time, space and joy to a wider audience, Beth got the idea for Bneato Bar in 2013 after creating a series of “Organizing Bootcamps” which offered decluttering tips and tools at a more affordable price than her at-home services. Her successes there, coupled with her frustration with the impersonal experience at big box organizing stores, inspired her to form Bneato Bar as a first-of-its-kind retail concept: a place where anyone can afford decluttering services from a pro. The first Bneato Bar pop-up shop was in the Fall of 2014 and was a fantastic start to what is coming next...

We help hack your situation to get to the root of your clutter challenges resulting in a greater sense of well-being. Whether it’s your stuff, paper, or even your email inbox that’s slowing you down, we work one-on-one with you to get back control. Once we get to know more about you and your project, we’ll set you up one of our Bneato Bar Pros that matches your project best.